Graduation Project – En Garde!

En Garde! is a third person swashbuckler Action/Adventure game on PC. The player embodies an impetuous fencer who fights her opponents with panache and acrobatic skills in order to humiliate them.

You can find a presentation document here, and here is a pre-production footage showing gameplay features and lighting prototype :

  • PONCET Adrien (Creative Director, Producer, Game Designer)
  • CAPITAINE Valentin (Game Designer, AI Designer)
  • MANGÉ Corentin (Level Designer, Level Builder)
  • SCHMÜCK Sylvain (Gameplay Programmer, 3C Designer)
  • CHAPELET Pierre (Gameplay & AI Programmer)
  • FENOGLIO Julien (Art Director, Concept Artist, 3D Artist)
  • SIMONNET Anaïs (Character Artist, 3D Artist)
  • GUTHMANN Tim (Animator, Tech Artist)

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