Intensive Week 1 – Rolling Poui

Rolling Poui is a runner alternating between two cameras, made for the studio ENIGAMI in one week.

During the top view phase, bounce on walls to gain speed and avoid brambles. In side view, jump, glide and fast fall to turn back into a ball!

Developed on Unity, I worked on gameplay programming and animation integration.

  • BERNARD Lucas (Game & Level Designer)
  • BIRETTE Flavien (Game & Level Designer)
  • BLANCHARD Benjamin (Lead Programmer)
  • CHAPELET Pierre (Programmer)
  • DEPARDIEU Victor (Lead Game Artist)
  • FRELAND Paul (Game Artist)
  • JANCENELLE Anaïs (Game Artist)
  • REUZÉ Gwendal (Project Leader)
  • SCHMÜCK Sylvain (Game & Sound Designer)

Download it !

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